I would like to be the ink of that PEN

I still remember the day,when i was too upset.I didn’t wanna talk to anybody.I was just feeling so lonely and missing some wow moments,i just wanted to share my things with someone,but all my near n dear were too busy in their works and i didn’t want anyone to be disturbed.Then i posted a pic in social media status.I have written, “my pen is always with me in my pain and so i just love it”. As usual i was gonna write my things in diary….
And then i got a message. The message was actually an comment on my post.There written,”I love you always and so i would like to be the ink of that pen.I may not kill all your pain,but i must be with you who can always try to make you forget about all those.If you really love your pen,then use me as the ink…cause you are my best-friend.”
And yes again she made me smile.I got relief,again just some words…some lines made me feel …all okay and i replied her “you too make me the ink of your every pen during your every pain”.
And she replied,”ha ha !, i don’t need pen or ink,i just need you dear 🙂 ”
Then i opened the diary and wrote,yes!someone cares…i love my pen and you too my ink.

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I don’t want a sis (a short story)

Piyush ,a small boy.He is of only 10.Its ICU,he stands in front of his father.Her mom is admitted in the bed .Its a critical delivery case.All the family members are tensed a bit .Piyush don’t know whats actually going on;but can understand something goes wrong by seeing  the tension in his father’s eyes, and hearing the shouts of her mom.

Suddenly he asks his father,” papa what has happened ??Is mom okay?”                               Father:” Don’t worry my son,she will be fine soon.Actually she is suffering from pain because a new guest is coming to our home.Just pray God .”

Piyush :”Then the new guest will be a girl or boy?? ”                                                                     Father :”Why my son!!!Is there any problem with that??will the guest be he or she?? ”       Piyush :”I don’t need a sister,papa. Oh! God i don’t want a sis.”

His father becomes wonder for a moment ,why such things comes to his mind!! Piyush grandmother also stands beside him and tell his father ,”See he also knows son will be better than daughter,he is my grandson only (giving a smile towards piyush) .Right Piyush?”                                                                                                                                       His father became angry at his grandmother and tells,” Why you are telling such rubbish in front of him,he is a child only.Don’t make him learn these unnecessary stuffs”

Father : “Piyush,listen all are equal. No one is better or worse.You should be happy whether the baby is girl or boy.Okay!”

Piyush, “No papa .I don’t have any problem with that .I don’t want a sis,because….”

Father:” Because….??”

Piyush: “I don’t need a sis ,not because daughter are better than son (as grandma tells),but because i can’t see my dear sis tolerating such great pain like today mom is suffering.Because one day she will be a mom and shouting in the ICU with pain.And at that time again you all will be tensed”

All becomes stunt to hear such answers and his father hugs him tightly being proud of him.Doctor comes just then and congratulates for the new daughter.

Piyush: “No problem,papa.I didn’t need her as i can’t see her in pain,but i love my dear sis enough that she can get all her needs.”

‘Though piyush tells all those things with an immature mind ,but those few golden words and thoughts he tells with an innocence says a lot….feel it’


black n white

2016-05-14-15-20-39 BLACK n WHITE…..
“The best combo”

One which absorbs all colour where one reflects all colour…..

One is the darkest ,other is the lightest

Still together  complete a beautiful art;Each reflects the presence of others.

yes….they complete                                                                                                                                                        though opposite  !!!  🙂