I would like to be the ink of that PEN

I still remember the day,when i was too upset.I didn’t wanna talk to anybody.I was just feeling so lonely and missing some wow moments,i just wanted to share my things with someone,but all my near n dear were too busy in their works and i didn’t want anyone to be disturbed.Then i posted a pic in social media status.I have written, “my pen is always with me in my pain and so i just love it”. As usual i was gonna write my things in diary….
And then i got a message. The message was actually an comment on my post.There written,”I love you always and so i would like to be the ink of that pen.I may not kill all your pain,but i must be with you who can always try to make you forget about all those.If you really love your pen,then use me as the ink…cause you are my best-friend.”
And yes again she made me smile.I got relief,again just some words…some lines made me feel …all okay and i replied her “you too make me the ink of your every pen during your every pain”.
And she replied,”ha ha !, i don’t need pen or ink,i just need you dear ๐Ÿ™‚ ”
Then i opened the diary and wrote,yes!someone cares…i love my pen and you too my ink.

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